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Munchkin Soccer Information

Important Munchkins FAQs are below.  Please read them first to see if your question is already covered. If not, please contact

  • When you send an email, please include your name, your childs name, group number/time slot/etc if you have them already
  • If your email changes, you must notify us at the above email.  
  • If you are not receiving emails after registering, please contact the above email address

Please try to remember that the children are there to have fun. Yelling from the side lines, however good intentioned, can get confusing, and make little ones nervous and upset. They are only young once, and we want them to enjoy themselves.


  • Munchkin soccer runs every Saturday from opening day (late Aug, early Sept, exact date TBA) for approx. 8 weeks
  • There will be an information meeting/uniform pickup meeting the week soccer starts
  • Parents must stay or designate someone to watch their child. Children cannot be left unattended
  • Parents will be asked to be involved (playing little games, etc).  Wear your sneakers!

What to bring?

  • A bottle of water or drink
  • A size 3 soccer ball (put your name on ball).  Size 4 is fine if that is all you have.
  • Shin guards.  MANDATORY for safety.
  • Soccer cleats are optional and not recommended for Munchkins.  Keep in mind, soccer socks are thick & will affect the size/fit of the sneaker. Make sure sneakers are old ones because they will get wet/DIRTY.
  • A completed picture day envelope (only for first practice, unless completed online)
  • Chair/blanket/etc for you to sit on (no bleachers where Munchkins are held)


All Munchkin teams will play at the Peter's Complex on the softball field (Lupone field), located just before the football concessions/snack building on the right.  The field with tall fence and lights.  Entrances are near home plate.

**Arrive early, especially opening day, the parking lot gets quite full.


Emails will be sent for field closures and cancellations.

If it rains & your soccer practice is canceled, there are no make up days.


  • We supply the uniform. (uniforms can be picked up at Park and Rec during the Munchkin informational meeting the week before soccer starts)
  • Shirt, shorts and socks. If the weather is cool, they can wear warmer clothes under their uniform.
  • You supply the Shin guards:
    • Shin guards should be worn under the sock. If the shin guards irritate your child’s leg, you can wear a thin pair of socks under them. 

Picture Day

  • The Munchkins Coordinator will come to get each group for photos.  Please wait !!
    • Put payment inside envelope, but do not seal
    • If not paying online, show up early enough to get an envelope and fill out the information.  Envelopes are no longer provided ahead of time, and online payment is the preferred format.
  • Location and times of the photos will be communicated
    • Groups will typically take pictures during one half of their practice
    • Please arrive 15 mins early, as the photographer will not be able to wait for anyone
  • There will be NO TIME to run back to the car to grab something.  You may want to bring a hairbrush, damp cloth, etc with you to the field.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • If it rains, pictures MAY still be taken inside.  Please pay attention to email for alternate instructions, likely at one of the schools.

Closing Ceremonies

  • Each season will end with a Closing Ceremonies celebration of the season
  • Pictures ordered will be delivered at Closing Ceremonies
  • A slideshow of professional candid and action photos taken during the season will be shown
  • Date/time TBA

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